Our team

John Doe

Hitesh Rai Rajwania


Hitesh Rai Rajwania is the co-founder of HoFit Fitness Studios. A graduate (and Post Graduate...whats the difference! ha!) in computer science from IIT-Delhi, he has done his stint as, first a software developer for a reputed finance/banking firm, and then as head of Marketing and PR at Inshorts Medialabs Private Limited. He has a new found appreciation for fitness and overall body health. But no one knows this, he wants to be fit just so that he can eat whatever he wants!

Josh Thompson

Prakhar Gupta


Prakhar Gupta is the co-founder of HoFit Fitness Studios. A Graduate from MNIT Jaipur, Prakhar's first passion has always been mechanical engineering. After a brief but (amazingly) rewarding stint at Samsung Engineering, where he bagged all the awards there were to bag, he started his own firm, Delta Polymers, in Jaipur.
Prakhar is the one who inspired the other 2 co-founders to become fit. He always has a way to get his own way.

Mary Jane

Vijay Mittal


Vijay Mittal is the co-founder of HoFit Fitness Studios. A graduate from Commerce College, Jaipur, Vijay is a successful businessman hailing from a reputed business family in Jaipur. Diversifying from the traditional family business of Sarees, Vijay established his own venture, Shiv Shakti Electronics & Home Appliances and Light Zone (Fancy Lights). He is the one who first came up with the idea of establishing our own fitness venture and establish a brand synonymous with providing a premium fitness experience. The other two co-founders consider him the #मालिक but Vijay always, oh so humbly, denies so.